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Canada won a gold medal by only winning twice (matches decided in penalties technically aren't recorded as wins), scoring six goals in six matches and not scoring once from open play in the entire knockout stage. That's as hilarious as it is impressive.


Certainly not complaining, though. They defended brilliantly all tournament.

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5 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Great goaltending, great defensive play, and timely scoring.


The blueprint for championship teams.


Just wanted to get the narrative that Canada fluked their way to a gold medal out of way. Maybe they did, but who cares?

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now torn for the spot of flag bearer at closing ceremony.

I was all for Penny, as the all time medal winner; however Christine Sinclair has been the,imo, leading female Canadian athlete for the last what 20 years?


coin flip or perhaps they both carry the flag?

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9 minutes ago, -DLC- said:



This is how you face pressure.  No flukes involved....pure focus and confidence.

Spend  a huge amount of your life training and dreaming of making the saves that matter.

Then do it.



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