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Brad Richardson appreciation thread

It's a process

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I'm making this to recognize Brad Richardson who's going to be and has been key in the Canucks' success of late.

This guy must be one of the most underrated players in the league.

He's an elite penalty killer

He's an incredible defensive player.

He can score clutch goals.

He's all character. Never chirps.

Stands up for his teammates.

Makes the smart, simple plays with the puck.

He's a faceoff specialist. Tortorella trusts him to take a faceoff in our zone and if by chance he loses it, he has faith that he will block shots and do whatever it takes to keep it out of our net.

He has a 0.5 ppg pace on the THIRD line.

This guy has just been incredible for us. He will be instrumental in whatever playoff success the Canucks have these playoffs.

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Richardson is way better than Lappy all Lappy did was take penalties and disrespect the refs and never scored or put up any points great find GMMG richy plays with heart and never gives up keep it up richy

Lappy scored for us and was our most physical forward. He had a ton of heart, but he was not a very smart player.

Richardson is smaller and less physical, but he makes up for it in heart and hustle. Plus he's a very smart two way player.

Both were great for us, but we need more of what Richardson brings right now.

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Crazy how depth players on elite teams (him and Stanton) could have such great impacts as regulars on our team. Really good bargain bin acquisition, bringing speed, PK skills and DEPTH SCORING! MG out-GM's 29 others again! :towel:

That's why I don't get why fans give MG such a hard time. Like tonight when they booed him.

Yes he's traded away some fan favourites in Hodgson and Schneider, but that's part of hockey.

He's done a very good job filling in the holes with little cap space.

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Richardson, Stanton, Santorelli. Without them we wouldn't be half the team we are now and that is bottom 6/3rd pairing players playing like top 9/2nd pairing players.

I agree, Richardson has impressed coming from a well coached team I expected him to be a quiet but yet, solid player.

People will never be satisfied until a cup comes to Vancouver and I still think they gotta complain about atleast 1 thing so I can understand for frustrated fans. But I think he is building one infront of our eyes.

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I loved this acquisition because of how effective he was against the Canucks as a King, but he's even better than I remember him being.

Outstanding acquisition.

We keep hearing about what a great deal Bolland was - and yet Richardson is right there with 8 points, +4, a pair of shorthanded goals, he's doing that while getting 35% offensive zone starts, playing depth minutes, he cost no picks to acquire, and his cap hit is 1.1 million compared to Bolland's 3.4.

He also happens to be 52.6% in the faceoff circle compared to Bolland at a fairly weak 41.3%.

I give the edge to Gillis over Nonis here.

Richardson is an outstanding puck hound - add him to the mix of Burrows, Kesler, Higgins, Hansen (and now Santorelli) and the Canucks have a tremendous group of guys who perform this part of their role exceptionally well.

Really happy Richardson is a Canuck.

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he's the best defensive checking centerman we've had since pre-injury Malhotra. I had a good feeling about this guy, and he's definitely doing his job. I'm just glad our 'depth' is making a difference for us this year. Last year that was kind of hit or miss.... I suppose it could still turn out that way, but from what I've seen, these new guys pride themselves in having a great work ethic.

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