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A few thoughts.


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I'm making the switch to HFBoards as I've finally lost patience with this place.

So now is probably as good a time as ever to post this. I’ve never bought into the idea that there was the “good ‘ol days” like many people suggest (perhaps I was late arriving here), but it was certainly a lot more organised and filled with sense than the current forum is now (*cough* Canucks Talk). So I thought I’d compile a list of some things I take issue with that I’ve rarely mentioned in the past.

1) The refs are not the sole reason for the Canucks losses. Nor is there some sort of wild conspiracy or bribery taking place. The officials are just sh*te. There’s no more to it than that. I’m putting this first as it’s this sort of thing that’s driving me away from here.

2) Eklund should not be a reliable source, nor is a randomer from Twitter. I don’t get why the mods let that fly.

3) Why are all you people racing to make PGTs and signing threads straight after the game is finished/the signing is made? You don’t get a reward for doing it and it drives me nuts when I see three threads all discussing the same thing created within minutes of one another. Come on people... common sense.

4) This has been brought up in the past, and the same posters DO (or did – it just seems to be dead now) tend to take over threads in White Noise. It was a little cliquey. I think it discourages other people from posting there when their post gets lost within irrelevant nonsense. GLASSJAW tells it like it is.

5) This board desperately needs a server upgrade or something. It’s terribly laggy even when it isn’t that busy and that’s annoying.

6) What is it with this place and religion? I’ve never seen a forum so against something. Have a little respect for what people believe in. It’s not difficult.

7) All of you fruit should change your names. The sensible ones among you are given a bad name because of it.

8) These tournaments are going to get old pretty soon if everyone starts creating one. Gmen81 does them best. Just let him make them.

9) Hodor – I like you. But you have to stop arguing with people in every thread you post in. It gets a little tedious when every time I see your name pop up in a thread I worry about the direction in which it’s heading. I do however, think that other people see this and use it as an opportunity to try and annoy you (the IQ thread was a perfect example of this). So they’re just as bad (if not worse). No offence intended.

10) Deb – You’re a good mod and from what I’ve gathered from your posts seem to be a cool person too. But you have one flaw that gets on my nerves, and that’s the pretty huge Canucks bias. I guess that’s to be expected with this being a Canuck forum, but it’s something I’ve noticed that can be a little annoying at times and I think might take away from your overall rep. P.S. – Thanks for the Kentucky Derby tips.

11) Vintage – I don’t think you’re bad at all, but like others pointed out you should tone it down a little in the GDT’s. Also the threads for minor league signings that nobody cares about. Aside from that who the hell cares that you have loads of posts? Quite a lot of them are decent.


13) Twilight Sparkle – Change your username. I preferred you as Olias. The brony thing is weird. Get a haircut*. There are enough photos of you in Post Yo Face already. I mean, I’ve seen you in a corset for God’s sake. That’s more than enough.

*OK, that one isn't actually serious.

14) Did Gumballthechewy and Canuckette_84 ever hook up? I guess we’ll never know.

15) Why is MANGOES still able to post?

16) Posting song lyrics as a status is really annoying.

Colon Dee, Bananamash, NightHawkSniper, Hugemankost, MainlyMattias, smithersjoe (where is he?), GermanCanuck, susraiders, Ghostsof1915, bunch of people that I’ve probably forgotten about and some of mentioned above: I could probably have a beer with. If they’re ever in Scotland. I’m not buying though as I’m totally broke. Maybe Glassjaw. I dunno. We could probably talk about football or something.

Anyway, cheerio.

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I find it odd that people act like they were obligated to spend their time on CDC as if they spent painful hours willingly reading and posting on a message board.

I find it even weirder that people feel the need to give public goodbye speeches over PMing people.

I find it weirdest that people act like they can't post on 2 different boards.

But none the less I will stay up an extra hour just for this tragic loss.

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