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PGT van loses to queens


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Real proud of this team for sticking up for each other. There was a lot of adversity in this game and we show that we could come together and handle it

But this game was a microcosm of our problems for many seasons now. If the players are trying to defend each other we can't seem to score. We need players who can be physical and score all in the same game

Shame it would've been a big two points

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Refs against Kings:


refs against Nucks:


But aside from the officiating, toughest games the boys played all season and very proud of it! Tons of grit, hitting, fighting, and most importantly, responding to teammates defense. Hard not to be pleased but just never got the W.

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There was no doubt in my mind that once that Nolan attempt happened in the first period, this game was over. It was obvious that we were going to completely throw our system in the garbage for half the game, and play L.A.'s game. There was no way we were going to outscore them. Just absolutely frustrating. Seemed like everyone forgot that we could have surpassed them with a win.

We need scoring help. Yes, we proved we can play playoff hockey, but we need to be able to put up a goal here and there. :/

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