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PGT van loses to queens


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Real proud of this team for sticking up for each other. There was a lot of adversity in this game and we show that we could come together and handle it

But this game was a microcosm of our problems for many seasons now. If the players are trying to defend each other we can't seem to score. We need players who can be physical and score all in the same game

Shame it would've been a big two points

Its hard to disagree with you.

But man, we've been up to the tough games this year. Tonight, beat St Lou twice, Boston, last Anaheim and LA games not being good examples, but the LA game prior was fine. Physically...

I feel we have made progress and proven to be up to the task. Thats still progress.

Now to get Kass, or somebody, anybody to add goals (you are not wrong) in clutch moments of physical games.

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how come when someone throws a hit or trys to throw a hit at henrik everyone loses their mind mostly garret and keeps saying things like "went after henrik" or "took a run at henrik" how about he went to throw a hit on the puck carrier...... and a question for people who think suspensions should be based on actions and not the result of the actions.. do you think sestito should be suspended for doing pretty much what thornton did which was fighting a guy that didnt want to fight ??

Garrett drives me nuts. He's a running commentary on betting against stuff that might beat your team.

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Yes - the Canucks played tough, but the defense was weak yet again - giveaways in our end, Tanev turns a 3 on 1 into a 3-0...Weber can't keep the puck in the Kings zone on a PP...and he wasn't the only defense that failed at that...

We had a couple of chances - just disappointing to lose after all the fire they showed.

I bet Dutter is reaming the Kings out for their "softness" and turtling they did even though they got 2 points.

Hopefully the Canucks can build on this game.

Yes, it was only Edler's first game back...but I hope Gillis is seriously looking for a puck moving defense man.

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They played like giants. Score was secondary tonight. The two points would have been nice, but the effort tonight is what will pay dividends in the post-season (assuming we can get there).

The problem now is which referees will show up???? The ones that will call everything against us? It happened in every 1st round we were in since 2011

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Possibly a turning point for this team. Showed a lot of heart tonight just need some finish. Won't go anywhere without this type of heart in the playoffs,,,, Kings now know we are turning a corner and not a pushover anymore. We will lose more games this year but hopefully this will help us come together.

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