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[GDT] Saturday vs. Calgary


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"Too much leadership"

From who?

Iono bro I'm just trying to be optimistic.

My psychologist said it's best for my health under these circumstances.

GO ... Ummm Canucks Go !!!! Woo ... ... hoooo o!

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the sad thing is nothing will be done with this team that is crumbling.... sedins are not going anywhere ... and i dont think any teams wants burrows at his price tag.... higgins is doing well so hes not going anywhere .... probably wont buy out booth.....unless we get a kings ransom for kes hes here to stay.... kas will continue to lug around our 3rd and 2nd line and hammer bieska and edler dont want to waive their NTCs ...... i think the team has checked out now...... at this point of this season these guys have lost all motivation next year is a fresh start they can turn it around.

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