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Your Canucks nicknames...


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This is purely just for fun whether they're real, positive, or negative nicknames.

Jannik Handsofstone

Zack Dumbassian

Chris Tankev

Tom Tostitos

The Alexandre Burshow (when he's on fire)

David BOOth

Jacob "I'm never going to play" Markstrom

The Lack Attack

Kevin "Bonehead" Bieksa

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Juice, KB3 (my others shall be kept secret) ;)

Garrison (?) original, I know



Burr, the Great Burrdini, the best damn player on Earth, Burrdin


Kes, Beastmode, RK17 sexybeast



wait,actually I don't really have any so this is pointless for me

Heniel and Danrik

Santo, Santa

Kasspassian, Kassquatch

Hockey Hobo Tom, Tostitos

I'm gonna think of some (no I'm not)

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Jannik Handsome

Daniel Machine

Henrik Machine

Ryan Wrestler

David Babe Ruth

Chris What the Dickens?

Shawn The Pious

Brad Number One

Zack All Classian

Nicklas Fourth Dimension

Tom Tito Frito Bonito Bambilito Zambito Burrito Mosquito Hirohito Incognito Veto Esposito Judge Lance Ito

Darren Arentchya Enthralled?

Jordan Darth Vader

Mike Snapple Jelly

Zac Alpo

Alex Gallows

Alex Bean Peddler

Kevin Nikolai Tesla

Jason Good Samaritan

Dan Footloose

Chris - Fan Of?

Yannick Whatever

Andrew Braggart

Ryan Mountain

Sacred Markstrom

Eddie Bigsack

John Salmonella

Mike Syphilis

Francesco Teeny Weeny Martini Houdini Mussolini

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