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[Report] Spezza, Phaneuf being shopped to Western Conf

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Speeza's cap hit is 5 million I think that's reasonable..

His cap hit is 7 but still, if the team could somehow keep Kesler and get Spezza, I'd be all over it. Maybe Ott could retain a little of his salary but even if they didn't.

The only issue is how much Spezza would want going forward beyond next year.

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I don't really see Vancouver being interested in either player but it sure would make our team look different.

To Ottawa:

Alex Edler

2nd Round Pick 2015

To Vancouver:

Jason Spezza

To Toronto:

Jannik Hansen

2nd Round Pick 2014

To Vancouver:

Dion Phaneuf

Sedin - Sedin - Jensen 1A

Burrows - Spezza - Kesler 1B

Higgins - Horvat - Santorelli 3A

Matthias - Richardson - Kassian 3B

Hamhuis - Phaneuf

Garrison - Bieksa

Stanton - Tanev



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Get Toronto or Ottawa to retain salary and I would be interested.

We could use Spezza more than we could use Phaneuf IMO.

Sedin - Sedin - Kesler

Burrows - Spezza - Kassian

Higgins - Horvat - Jensen

Matthias - Richardson - Santorelli

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Spezza would be the one im looking for. Phaneuf's contract is a blow. Unless Toronto will retain his cap, I'm not interested in Phaneuf.





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maybe after the way sharks lost in the playoffs they would try to trade for Spezza he could really help them especially depth wise you have Thorton Couture Spezza, load up the top two lines.. Phaneuf could probably be back at Calgary but Edmonton could try to get him as well

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I think Spezza could be an interesting option for ONE last hurrah for this core before everyone finally accepts that a rebuild is necessary. Because I feel the organization isn't quite ready to pony up for the rebuilding process yet.

Absolute NO to Phaneuf. I will not watch 7 years with that overpaid drug fiend playing for the Canucks.

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I could see spezza in st Louis.

I can't , seeing as how he can't play a lick of defense. Definitely not a Hitchcock type player.

Call me crazy but I wouldn't mind Phaneuf if the Leafs retained some salary. I think him and Hamhuis would make a pretty effective pairing.

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