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[Signing] Calgary signs Devin Setoguchi


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When that money is that low, any player with extensive NHL experience is a good signing.

Setoguchi has the potential to be a 50 point guy, but it's been a long time since he was a 30 goal scorer.

If Devin manages to regain his form, it's a huge bargain for Calgary. If not, it's no big loss, as the money and term are as almost as low as it gets.

If there was ever a time for Setoguchi to work hard, this is the season to do it. If he has another poor season, it could be off to the minors or the KHL.

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I'm going to disagree with a few of you, and confidently state that the Flames are gonna suck.

Goaltending will be a bit better (although, Hiller is fairly average now), but their top goalscorer has left, Giordano peaked last year before his injury, and Bob Hartley's schtick probably isn't going to be as effective the first time around. Sprinkle in a Monahan sophomore slump, and Gaudreau realizing he's a foot shorter than the guys defending him, and I expect little improvement in the standings over last year.

It doesn't matter how hard you work - if your top offensive weapon is Jiri Hudler, you're not a playoff team...plain and simple.

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I agree with you that the goal-tending will be a little better and they that have lost their top goal scorer.

I believe that Giordano has hit his stride and will continue at his present level for several years to come.

Bob Hartley has a system that the players will continue to buy into. Hard work is rewarded and the players stand up for each other.

Monahan may or may not have a (vastly overused term) "sophmore slump". Most 2nd year NHL players do not.

I feel that Gaudreau will play most of the year in the AHL.

My guess at the Flame's lineup for the upcoming season:

Raymond - Backlund - Hudler

Glencross - Stajan - Jones

Colborne - Monahan - Setoguchi

Bollig - Byron - McGratton

Spare - Bouma (unsigned RFA)

Girodano - Brodie

Smid - Wideman

Russell - Engelland

Spare - Cundari (2 way contract)



Some of the prospects (Bennett, Gaudreau, Granlund, Poirier, Reinhart, & Wotherspoon) may see some ice-time during the first 10 games, but unless they can really light it up, the one way contracts will prevail.

I think that the Flames will again be a gritty, hard working, bottom 5 team that is entertaining to watch.

No other team will enjoy playing them (Bollig & Engelland added to McGratton).

Two years down the road, they may have a decent shot at the playoffs if their prospects develop properly.

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I'd take Devin at $750k before Hansen at $2.5 M. He actually brings decent scoring ability but just isn't as defensively sound while Jannik is sound but doesn't score as much (neither guy is very consistent anyways). For a team that's gonna have to fight to survive in this division, I'd rather have the scorer than the guy who just neutralizes but rarely puts the puck in the net, especially at that price.

Burr - Hank - Vrbata

Danny - Bones - Kassian

Higgins - Vey - Setoguchi

Rich - Matthias - Dorsett

rather hansen.

but rather young prospect in there more, if they are ready

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Even though I dislike the GM and the coach, I actually became a bit of a fan of the Flames last year simply due to how hard they seemed to work night in and night out.

I remember thinking how much I wished our team last year would work even half as hard as that Flames team. That's a big part of why our team last year really turned me off.

If the Flames of this upcoming season, with their additional talent and youth, work as hard as they did last season, I actually would not be surprised to see them beat us out for a playoff position.

They have a new GM. A very smart one.
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Yup. This exactly. So many 1 goal games lost. They very easily could have picked 7th or 8th as easily as 4th because of those 1 goal games, even higher when you consider most of them were lost in regulation.

They work hard, Burke addressed the key issues such as vets a goaltending.

Middle of the division team this year, Setoguchi will only help that as he'll allow young rookies and sophomore players to transition in easier.

Burke isn't the GM. Brad Treliving is, he addressed those key issues. I agree though I think Setoguchi was good signing.
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Glencross - Monahan - Stajan

Raymond - Backlund - Hudler

Setoguchi - Colborne - David Jones

Bollig - Paul Byron - McGrattan

With Svenn Baertchi, Sam Bennett and Gaudreau all very likely to make the team actually, so they may actually roll these lines if Baertschi and Gaudreau break-out (assuming Bennett isn't ready):

Glencross - Monahan - Baertchi

Raymond - Backlund - Hudler

Gaudreau - Colborne - Setoguchi

Jones - Byron - Bollig

On defence they're pretty set too, with one of the best D-men in the NHL in Giordano and Brodie who's set to break-out himself:

Giordano - Brodie

Wideman - Smid

Engelland - Kris Russel

In net, they've got Hiller who's shown he can be a solid goalie but is a bit inconsistent.

Their season rests on Hiller and their young centers, but if Monahan explodes into a top line center the way Seguin did and Hiller can get 30 wins, this team is playoff-bound for sure.

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Based on the actual positions that the Flames players play:

Raymond (LW) - Backlund (LW/C) - Hudler (LW/C/RW)

Glencross (LW) - Stajan ( C ) - Jones (RW)

Colborne (LW/C/RW) - Monahan ( C ) - Setoguchi (RW)

Bollig (LW) - Byron (LW/C) - McGratten (RW)

Giordano(L) - Brodie (L)

Smid (L) - Wideman ( R )

Russell (L) - Engelland ( R )



If prospects Baertschi (LW) or Gaudreau (LW) can outplay Colborne for the 3rd line position, he will move to 4th line RW unless Setoguchi bombs.

Bennett is all but guaranteed to go back to Junior this season.

The Flames will not rush their prospects like the Oilers.

My prediction is that they will again be a bottom 5 team and will pick Noah Hanafin in the Draft.

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