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[Game Over] Mafia: The Game - Seil, the city of Lies (Brotherhood win)



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Nightfall coming soon.....

Here's my vote count -

OTTS - Virt87, Beluga Whale, smithm12
SteveStamkos - SteveStamkos, Aladeen
Toews - OTTS
Master Radishes - Kryten
Aladeen - Toews, BDM
King Heffy - Aladeen, Apples, king Alex
Peaches - g_bassi
kingAlex - King Heffy, Beluga Whale
CF9191 - ilduce
Kryten - Rick Grimes
Ilduce - CF9191
Rick Grimes - otherwise

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Votes are in and we have a TIE! OTTS or King Heffy will be lynched tomorrow night along with 1 other victim! (please vote for one of either OTTS or KH, as well as someone else next round!)

The Thieves Guild spent their time electing a GUILD LEADER and were to busy to kill anyone tonight!

The Town Commander of the Watch has brought a criminal to justice and has killed Master Radishes!



Master Radishes (The Company)

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I unvoted for OTTS....

Also what kind of sick mofo kills master radishes in his first game back?

KH rekt.


Yeah - that was a typo what I posted, the running count I have on my spreadsheet is accurate - sorry, but unfortunately the Tie stands :(

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I don't like the ammount of joke votes :P

Ilduce and Canucksfan9191 both stuck out for me.

BUT Vote Aladeen I have to after his last post...

I think BDM was turned on by more than she would like to admit with the thought of me dressed up as a minotar in a love dungeon.

The truth always comes out BDM don't fear it, embrace it, but until you can come to terms with your obvious obsession over me I have no choice but feel you're hiding stuff from us all. So I must vote for you.

Vote King Heffy

Vote BDM

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