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23 games left: Is Bo Horvat going to score 15? Or maybe even 20?



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I am making another prediction... 23 games left...

Bo Horvat, at his current scoring pace... is going to put another 6 goals, (at least) in the net.

That's one goal every approx. 4 games... I think he can easily do it.

There is a chance he will be good for 20+.... hoping for it, but not going out on a limb for that big a total.

Here's another couple observations:

- Most of his goals have been from just going to the net... dirty goals...

But against the Islanders he showed he does have good anticipation for accepting a pass... and a decent wrister... that is something which is still developing... GOOD things will be happening in the future when he gets his release a little more honed.

- Bo has 9 assists.... but I think his passing game is actually not nearly as developed as his shooting game.

I think he has a lot of potential improvements to be made in this area... he has the vision, he has the smarts... it will only be a matter of time till he starts passing as well as he plays defensively, as well as he goes to the net and as well as he scores.

This kid is developing on an accelerated pace right now... all his abilities are getting polished and improved game by game... it's actually an amazing thing to watch. ;)

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I think he ends up at 15 or less. Bo has been amazing for us but I just don't know if he can keep up this production. If he does, then we are going to be in for some amazing seasons with this kid, but even if he doesn't, I think we have a real star on our hands.

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He's on a hot streak right now and I hope he can keep it up but I wouldn't be surprised if he cools down. It's his first season in the NHL so anywhere between 10-15 would be good with me (he didn't even play the full season!). Not to mention that other NHL teams are probably going to take Bo seriously and not underestimate his line.

He's having a great year and I'm glad that he's showing us what he can do. The sky's the limit for him but I just hope that the media here won't go crazy if he goes on a bit of a cold streak.

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Realistically i think he will tapper off soon offensively.

Honestly right now points and any offense is really a bonus/icing on the cake for a young fourth line center.

Im more so just concerned on whether he can consistently play solid defensive hockey, keep up the intensity he brings each game and etc

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