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[Extension] - Chris Tanev, 5 more years

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Basically fair money given where he's at now and the rate of improvement he's shown. If he continues to get better it could be a bargain, if he stays the same it's fine, and if concussions catch up with him, well at least there's LTIR.

This spells the end for at least one of Bieksa and Hamhuis next year, from a cap perspective.

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For those saying its a bit high maybe look at it as paying for this year too. He is getting paid $2m this year, if you add that to his contract and add another year it is a $4/year contract over 6 years. I know it doesn't work like that for cap space but in terms of real money he's earned it.

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Reason why he's getting a bit more is probably because there's no NTC/NMC in the contract. It's a fair deal 4.45 mil per year but a little too much? Maybe.

That's probably a good guess as to why he got the extra 500k.

I think the value is fair. He's dealt with bridge contracts and he's proved himself. He may not put up a lot of points and may not be very physical, but he's so solid defensively and makes an excellent first pass out of the zone.

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Great deal for Tanev and us. Certainly could have gotten more if he really wanted to.

Edler - 5 mil

Bieksa -4.6 mil

Hamhuis - 4.5 mil

Tanev - 4.45 mil

Sbisa - 2.9 mil to qualify

Lots of money hemmed on the blueline next season

With Emergence of Sbisa playing better and better, Clendening and Corrado both require waivers next season, many other guys to get locked up, I can't see JB carrying those five above into nexr year especially with the question marks surrounding the cap.

JB loves Edler, Tanev and Sbisa.

Just acquired Clendening and loves Corrado.

Juice, Hammer are the guys i see JB looking for value

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Great contract, couldnt be more happy to have him on board for another 5 years.

I couldnt disagree more with People saying its an overpayment, well worth it for a key part of our top pair, Especially when u look at what less reliable top 4 options have gone for as UFA's in recent years.

Tanev has definitely earned this contract in my opinion.

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Ya know there's something called defensive dmen in the league right? They're not all Bobby Orr like and Tanev is the arguably the safet stay at home dman in the league.

Stop being so salty.

but he gets pushed around. you pay for size. if he weighed 240 and was 6'4 with no offense what would he make? 6?

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