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[Mafia] West Coast- East Coast Rivalry (Game over- Mafia win)


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You can find it in that pics thread or w/e. Just look up my name in the search bar yee.

Sorry bruh but Bassi my #1

<4 U 5ever

I'd say that one was typical of a first round bandwagon.

People had legitimate reasons to be suspicious of bassi. There's literally nothing against OTIS atm.

I'm not saying that OTIS is TP, but this bandwagon picked up too quickly.

Yeah, if you wanted to call that evidence, lol.

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Guys, lets remember its the first round. My original vote of Horvat (Which no one seemed to have a problem with, and others joined me afterword) Got banned, that's kind of a unexpected change to the game. Most of us don't have any leads, since pretty well half of the posts here have just been that same gif over and over again. for this reason I just went with the flow. I'm not going to change my vote now, seeing that I am tied to be lynched.

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