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[Mafia] West Coast- East Coast Rivalry (Game over- Mafia win)


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vote viernzy

Dis Otis bandwagon tho

I'm wary of Kryten and King heffy

Vote is 14 seconds late.

Vrienzy- Dazzle, TL, KH, MB, MB
Barzal- FOX, DR, GFY. VR,

Vrienzy leads the vote count by 1.

Correct me if I'm wrong.

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It was a clear black night,
A clear white moon,
Death Row was on the streets trying to consume,
Some Bad Boy's in the eve, so they could some funk
Just rollin' in their rides, Chillin' all alone ♪♫♪

Vrienzy was roamin' in the streets, when a Death Row member had a flashback.
IT WAS HIM! He was the one who only sold an ounce of weed for the price of 4!

(Shots fired)

Vrienzy was left with 3 bullets in the chest and one in the head.
He would not survive this drive-by

Horvat was walking down 21st and Louis when he saw this burlesque show, out of nowhere right in front of his eyes.
20 gallons of seminal fluid was later released on to the intersection spelling out T-I-G-E-R.
He was never seen again.

Bad Boy Entertainment decided to go hunting down a cold-mofo.
And if they've ever seen a cold-mofo, It would be Kryten.

Infact, just earlier in the week, Kryten did the unspeakable!
He called a brutha the N-word....Nitrogen.
This Bad Boy took it to heart especially since it had such a dark history of being called Nitrogen.

In grade 7, Biggie would shed a tear when the bullies said "Go fixate the air, punk"
Well, now Biggie is out for revenge.

In the dusk, Kryten was shot. He faked being hurt, and went home later that night with no injuries.

"Lucky I was wearing my old reliable!" Kryten yelped in a mixture of fear and joy.

Tupac was out in his first killing and he had to have the right mindset for the occasion. "All I'm trying to do is survive and make good out of the dirty, nasty, unbelievable lifestyle that they gave me" Tupac thought.

He later saw that Fox Mulder was up to no good.
Mulder slapped his wife when he saw that his wife was cheating on him.
All Tupac saw was the violent slap, brushing across his wife's face.

He didn't see that he was innocent.
He said enough is enough and took matters into his own hands.

Nothing happened. It's just another brutha dead...

1. Virtanen87
2. Horvat(Death Row)
3. Kryten
4. Dr.Strangelove
5. Mathew Barzal
6. Time Lord
7. Fox Mulder(Death Row)
8. John Locke
9. Aladeen
10. Mikeyboy
11. Ilduce39
12. King Heffy
13. Dazzle

14. Intoewsables

15. OurTimeToShine

16. g_bassi13

17. Vrienzy(Unknown)

18. Apples

19. Alchemy Time

20. otherwise

21. Buddhas Hand

22. Go Faulk Yourself.
23. VIC

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