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Flyers Fans Chant "She Said No" To Kane


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Philly and Boston - the pinnacles of class.

The best is when they are going at each other...




I wouldn't agree that he is "owned" but they are fairly hostile fan bases. Philadelphia fans in general have the urge to chant and yell at everyone not them.





This isn't the worst thing Philly fans have chanted though. You would have to look here for that.


On Tuesday, during his regular weekly radio show, Joe Jurevicius related comments made to him during pregame warmups for Monday's game between the Bucs and Eagles. Philadelphia fans were yelling at Joe, "Where is your son" and "How's your son?"

How low and despicable someone must be to use the death of a newborn child in an attempt to psychologically undermine an athlete before a sporting event. We all knew the Philadelphia fans were low-brow, but that set the bar at a new low.

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