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I've never been fond of the Killer Whale Crest that is associated with the Orca Bay Franchise and the John Mcaw / Stan Mcammon era.

Personally I would like to see the Original C stick back but in colours that were more "stealth", kind of like the Seattle SeaHawk Jersey, or in a black jersey with blue green silver trim.

But hey, for giggles, thought I would start the poll (sorry if it's been done here before),  pick one, but add your thoughts or pictures on a new design.   Have fun til draft day friends :)   SS

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I don't really see a point in using an old logo for this new era of the Canucks. Keep the Orca, or make do something new. 

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Hands down the SKATE!    I also don't mind the stick when it is white on the inside.  The blue on the inside is ridiculous when you buy a blue jersey.   I know longer buy jerseys that are the Whale or the stick with blue on the inside.  


They probably won't change from the Whale because kids love it.  

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