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What does your screen name mean?

numb3r 16

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X-Pat = ex-patriot. IE... grew up in the lower mainland (White Rock) but now live elsewhere.


The "lost in Edmonton" part is fairly self explanatory. Edmonton's a nice town, actually, except for some brutal winters and even those have been steadily getting easier. Global warming, I suppose.


But it's not home, and never will be.

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It means that I'm tired of losing and the loser culture of some of the fan base and even some players.  Winning starts from a positive attitude and believing in yourself even when others don't.  Being negative and sniping and griping is easy but it saps the strength needed to win.  Staying positive in difficult circumstances requires backbone and that's what the Canucks and their fans need more of.  GCG!

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When the Internet first started, being anonymous was the norm.


I based mine on one of my favourite scf fi series - Dune.


The 5th book is called Heretics of Dune, so I chose Heretic.


I used that everywhere, including online gaming.


Funny thing was, id Software came out with a game called Heretic!





I still have my old clan site up:


"The Quakean Peoples Front was founded by Heretic on September 23, 1996."




But I was using Heretic several years before that, back when we used Newsgroups (Usenet) and 1200 baud modems to connect!

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18 minutes ago, Sean Monahan said:

Oh, to be young again.


As for my name- I like Sean Monahan. I think the "Boring Sean Monahan" twitter account, given the rumor it's run by one of his teammates but nobody will say who, is hilarious.

I see you're no longer wild :P 

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