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[MAFIA] - NO FRILLS (The TOWN Wins!!!)


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Need to get a wagon going to generate discussion.


The early standouts are not the ones who haven't posted yet, but the ones who have made 1 or 2 posts without generating much of anything, whether discussion or posts that aren't discussion worthy. With nightfall in a couple hours, a TP would have the mindset to get conversation going. Those who do fly by's or make posts below their meta pay grade deserve further looks from this point forward.

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Those who have posted since game start:













Those who have not:







- Which of the group who has posted would you place a tie breaking, last second lynch vote on if you had a gun to your head?

- Of those who have not posted, which of the 4 would you roll the dice and lynch if you had no other choice, gun to your head scenario?


(Question directed to everybody)

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