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Elliott Overrated?


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I like Elliott, I think he's good but he was playing on the Blues behind a great defence.


I feel the same way about Quick and think that a guy like Schneider (still my favourite) is vastly underrated in comparison to Quick.


Lundqvuist is overrated too. I keep hearing the Canucks goaltending has to get better but not once did I think our goaltending was an issue last season, in fact it was a strength.

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He is better than he showed last night but not nearly as good as he is made out to be. He's barely a number one. 

Can't remember who but I read one pundit explaining why the Flames would be so much better this year now that they have a good goaltender. He then supported his claim by listing Elliott's stats from last year. His stats with the Blues. Yeah, it don't work that way. :lol: 

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4 hours ago, Nuxfanabroad said:

Seems like quite the hot & cold 'tender.


Wonder who does worse with their new GT-project..Cow or Hogtown? Both Elliott & Andersen may amount to smeared lipstick.

Exactly right, he's just a on/off guy. When he's on he is lights out shutouts or 1 out.


He also might thrive on the competition, which he has none of right now. It's his spot.

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6 hours ago, Yan86 said:

I find it funny that the flames thought they solidified their goaltending position with Elliott. I guess the blues defense made Elliott look good.


Look at the schedule, game # 1. Was killer for the Blues last year in the Playoffs and has shown he can get on a roll. A quality starter.

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