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On 11/2/2021 at 3:22 PM, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

This will pay big dividends for the Canucks and Jack.

I said that he would be better served to start the season in Abbotsford logging heavy minutes and getting looks to play roles he isn't used to. Evidently with OEL and Hughes taking up all the offensive looks, Jack needs to develop his defensive game. I'd get him out there in Abby to see PK minutes and match up minutes to. He is really going to help out that blueline.



I think it's good that he got a bunch of games to see where he's at while Hamonic was away.  It's pretty clear that he's on the cusp but has some things to work on defensively.  Now it's clear to everyone and there should be no complaints about him playing in the minors.  His preseason was better than his season so far which isn't a knock on him.....he's just a work in progress.

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11 hours ago, Fred65 said:

You could say that for Hughes too, I know this isn't a populat concept but his defensive game ( better this season ) is not a shining example of how to play defense. But they stick with him because the pluses are greater than the negative IMO

Jack might be better than some of the guys in Van but he doesn't kill penalties and clearly needed to be sheltered. He had zero points against 4th lines and being an offensive guy that's an issue.

I have always been high on him but he's not quite ready and honestly last night was the best game we've had from our 3rd pairing.


Using Quinn to illustrate your point is not a good look.

Quinn has put up record breaking numbers and even tho he struggled last season at times he struggled against the Mcdrai and AMs of the world not 4th line plugs and has been top 10 in points since he turned pro.

Having him and Woo reunite and dominate is far better than playing 12 mins a night getting sheltered and losing confidence.

The only people who are against the move seem to be the same people wanting TG fired.

The ironic thing is TG played him more than anyone in camp and never once punished him like we have seen with OJ, Jake etc.

TG gave him every chance and the best position to succeed, he's just not there yet.


Like I said if he was putting up points like last season maybe you keep him but he wasn't helping the team win games and this isn't a development league.

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I would prefer that Rathbone remain in Abbotsford for the remainder of the season (aside from the occasional injury call up). 


I'd also like to see the team pick up a bottom pairing, defensive LD for the remainder of the season. Trade a pick, and throw in a contract to balance things out.


                                                                regards,  G.

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17 hours ago, Fred65 said:

Interesting take by Craig Button on  the Donny and Dhali show where he said the Canucks are trying to cover the poor defensive core by using the forwards to cover up, which he felt was wrong. Basically you don't throw away your stregnth to over come your eakness. He sai the forwards were good and our wasting their talent by using them mostly on defence. Funny enough Horvat said the same but in a different way ie just becauuse we're playing more defensive we don't need to give up on offense

Look at how improved the d-zone exits have developed since the team got some practice time on this home stand. IMHO team defence includes the forwards. Their puck support in the d-zone has not been great. What do you mean by to much defence? The issue of not enough scoring doesn’t gravitate around the time they spend in their d-zone. Their ppg is a execution problem in the ozone. Some of that deficit is simple bad puck luck. 

Petey’s back check to prevent a goal in the NYR game was as good as a goal. 

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I watched Rathbones every move in this game. He was skating good and matching his check better than he's getting credit for. The game was lost as a team. It even made Demko look bad.


Remember young Bieksa ? He got a penalty on his first shift. He did snow angels in the crease. If we didn't allow him to make mistakes, he wouldn't have made the team



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2 hours ago, appleboy said:

I hope they eventually this kid back into the NHL. I would like to see what Bruce and company could do with him. No rush.

I would like to see him get a good 25 games in Abby and then bring him up for a game or two. He is putting up almost 1 ppg. A year in Abby with 5 games in Van would be a good year.  

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