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4 minutes ago, hlinkas wrister said:

Yikes, we are about to find out what this group is really made of. 5 on 5 I think we can cope but the real impact of Bo's injury will be on special teams.

I agree with  we should be able to weather the 5 on 5 - I see the main issue being the PP but maybe Loui  can step in there

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1 minute ago, ilduce39 said:

Burmi found the right way out of purgatory.  Great chance to contribute between Goldy and Boeser.

Baer-Gagner-Vanek haven't been good together - chemistry doesn't seem to be there.  They are just chasing the puck up and down the ice and can't create zone time.  They had several shifts of more than 1min where they were just stuck in their own end and were severely outshot. 

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38 minutes ago, -Vintage Canuck- said:

"We're not talking about who is out, we're talking about who is in and how we're going to win. It's unfortunate, but it gives guys an opportunity to step up." - Green

Green usually says the right things. Then again, so do most NHL coaches.


It's just a matter of making sure your roster buys into what you're saying and I think the boys have bought in to Travis' message all year long. 



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2 minutes ago, Hairy Kneel said:

Burmi could centre the 4th line

Free my Granny!

I'd actually like to see Baer-Granlund-Vanek together.  Baer-Granlund have always looked good playing together - already under WD and in China too.

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