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2 minutes ago, Top Sven Baercheese said:

Ranked #284 by Future Considerations... 

No D-men yet hey? 

Yeah, curious about that. Perhaps they feel they can fast track the current prospects with other moves.


1 minute ago, SID.IS.SID.ME.IS.ME said:

What a Focht pick. 


(Sorry, had to do it ;))

Oh you!

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Areas of Strength

  • High Level Edge Work
  • Combination of Edge’s and Skill
  • Acceleration

Areas of Weakness

  • Physical Side
  • Translating Game
  • Eye’s Up

Report: Not many elevated their game out of their initial draft season like Carson Focht, the Hitmen returned to Calgary where he posted 64 regular season points and nine more in the playoffs. Focht came over to the Hitmen during the 2017-2018 season from Tri-City, it seemed like it took him a bit longer than others his age to translate his style of game, understandable given how reliant it is on generating space with skill, but he seemed to find the light this past season. At times this year Focht out played team mate Riley Stotts whose drafted by the Toronto Maple Leafs and Focht was his team’s consistent offensive engine during there playoff series against Edmonton, Focht will be an intragral piece of the Hitmen for the 2019-2020 season where they hold high expectations as a group.

Starting to find his footing and take over games in the WHL, Focht plays a very skilled game in which he relies on his slick skill set offensive to take over games, which he did more and more during the 2018-2019 campaign. Improving his two-way game, Focht’s urgency to make a difference on both sides of the puck made him much easier to rank, back checking with a purpose. Offensively he blend’s shifty edge work with puck on a string puck handling, Focht is a sleek and slippery puck possessor who makes his way through different pressure points in the offensive zone with ease. Driving the offensive attack with deception and balancing his abilities with the puck. Gifted as both a scorer and playmaker who makes timely passes, releasing his shots and passes in a timely matter. Overall Focht is a skilled instincts driven offensive centre that is tough to contain and will continue to take over as he age’s/develops in the WHL.

Focht will need to continue to work on his two-way game, he’s slowly improved his abilities and intensity defensively. Getting stronger on the puck and handling physicality better are things he needs to improve in order to take that next leap. The natural talent is there, Focht is gifted and he may max out to being a 100 + point WHL player but at some point an NHL team will take notice and give him an opportunity at the professional level somewhere.



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