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From Friedman's 31 thoughts.  Sounds like Holland will be patient just like he was saying in Detroit.


17. Ken Holland seems pretty calm in Edmonton. Some of that is the security of a five-year contract. Some of that is that he’s 63, and has seen everything. But, it’s also that, even though the fans and organization crave sustained success, he sees this as a slower process. Holland told ownership this was not going to be a quick fix and he is determined to stick to that. 

“We’ve got some really talented young players, especially on defence,” he said Monday. “But, if they are going to be here, they’ve got to be ready to help us now, not help us in a couple of years. We’ve got our core: McDavid, Leon Draisaitl, Ryan Nugent-Hopkins, Darnell Nurse, Oscar Klefbom, Adam Larsson. How can we make them better? How can we make the team better around them? You don’t want to make the playoffs once. You want to make the playoffs every year. How do we build toward that?”


18. Holland didn’t have cap room, and, as mentioned, he didn’t want to rush those who weren’t ready. 

“I wanted to bring in some good professionals. Players who’ve been around, who know how to prepare, who understand what it takes.” 

Most are on one-year deals, with Alex Chiasson getting two. That doesn’t tie them up long into the future, and opens room if any of their youngsters prove they are indeed ready. This might make some fans scream — and the GM won’t say it — but another lottery pick in a deep draft probably isn’t the worst thing for the Oilers.


19. The fanbase’s biggest fear is that McDavid gets fed up. You can see how badly he wants to win. He trained hard to recover on time, and that says a ton about his drive. Holland’s made sure to keep McDavid’s agent, Jeff Jackson, informed of his thought process and vision for the future. I asked Holland about the fans’ concerns about their supremely talented captain. 

“What we are going to show is that we are going to build stability around him. Dave Tippett is a big part of that. Surrounding him with good professionals is part of that. Making sure we develop our young players properly is part of that. We will have cap room in a couple of years. It does not happen quickly. But it happens if you stick to what you believe.” 

Nugent-Hopkins made it clear he wants consistency. He wasn’t the only player who conveyed that message. Holland believes he can create that, and the players will appreciate it.


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1 hour ago, MikeBossy said:

Don't forget - the Coilers are relying on the goaltending duo of Mike Smith and Mikko Koskinen. Let's not plan the parade quite yet. 

Also don’t forget that they started off hot last year too. Riding McDavid and Drai like rented miles can seemingly last only so long. 

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