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[GDT] Canucks Vs. Red Wings | October 22, 2019 @ 4:30 PST

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Greenman Wannabe

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Canucks have been the walking wounded for years. Later in the season the injuries rack up and they've had to rely on guys like Gaunce, Boucher and Biega to fill in. I know it's early in the season, but I feel that the Canucks could be in much better shape as the season progresses. They are a grittier team, but also a stronger, tougher team IMO. Dare I say, more durable? Seeing players like Edler, Myers, Benn, Ferland, Virtanen, Miller, Pearson, Leivo, and Motte, etc. fight for pucks, get into board battles, laying out big hits. Could the tide finally be turning? Will the Canucks be the last men standing down the stretch? Will their physicality punish other teams instead of the other way around? Yes, travel is tough but it's also tough for the Cali teams, and every year they seem to be built for it. Big, tough teams, that don't often have key injuries like the Canucks for some reason. I think this year the Canucks can compete with the biggest and baddest. It's our time to do some damage. Injuries will happen, but at least now they have depth at all positions, and additional help on the back end could be on the way in a few months (Tryamkin). If the Canucks make the playoffs, I wouldn't wat to face them in the 1st round.

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38 minutes ago, Bure_Pavel said:

I like the look of these lines, very balanced and gives Virtanen a chance to should he can produce with good players. 

More like he is being rewarded for his effort last game. He made plays that led to 2 goals for. Something tells me he’ll still have a very short leash but at least he’s in the top 6. Even if only for a game and a half.

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8 minutes ago, Roger Neilsons Towel said:

Disagree. We need a player like Ferland and it’s in our best interests to get him going. He’s been slowly improving each game. It takes a long time to come back from an illness that made you lose 10 pounds and a good chunk of preseason. We need to be patient. We will be glad we did when we make our push for the post season down the stretch and into the Playoffs. 

He is also playing with two guys that hog the puck.

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3 hours ago, Greenman Wannabe said:

I'm still working on editing things, so bare with me lol... First time making one and literally copying someone elses format, so go easy on me :/

Glad my Stat-heavy format is picking up some steam. Imitation is the best form of flattery. Cheers and GCG!

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