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Former Canucks goalie Eddie Lack back in business in Vancouver

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Elias Pettersson

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Former Canucks goalie Eddie Lack back in business in Vancouver (msn.com)


Are drivers headed eastbound on Grandview Highway in Vancouver ready to turn right and head way south?


Former Vancouver Canucks goalie Eddie Lack is selling real estate in Arizona and has put up a billboard on Grandview Highway between the SkyTrain station and the Italian Cultural Centre to attract buyers.


That’s what former Vancouver Canuck Eddie Lack is hoping.


Lack, the lanky Swedish goalie who was a fan favourite nearly a decade ago, is thriving in his second career as a realtor in Arizona, where he settled after his playing career came to an end because of persistent hip problems.


“I hope there’s a ton of red lights over there,” he quipped Monday morning after the sign was spotted by a Postmedia editor.


“I usually start getting calls when it starts raining in Vancouver so I figure it’s pretty good timing.”


He figures about 30 per cent of his business, which is centred in Scottsdale, Ariz., comes from Canadians looking for investment properties and secondary homes.


“For a lot of my clients it’s the most expensive purchase they’re going to do in their life. I feel really honoured to help them,” he said.


Always known for his upbeat personality and outgoing nature, he knows these traits are well-suited to working in real estate.


“I joked to my wife Jonna last week I love the people … most of the time,” Lack said with a laugh.


Being a former hockey player has also helped with Canadians too, he admitted.


“I think that’s my way to get my foot in the door. From there it’s up to me to prove to clients I can do the job,” he said.


“When I get Canadians that come down, I think that they’re always a little bit skeptical at the beginning. ‘He’s a hockey player so does he know what he’s doing?’ But usually once they see me, they can see I know,” he said.


Real estate is a bit of a family business.


“I was doing some investment in real estate while I was still playing back home in Sweden. My family does a lot of that back home and they taught me how to do it,” Lack explained.


“My wife and I, we decided to settle in Arizona instead of cold Sweden. I bought a few rental properties here and I decided to get my licence. That was always in my plans. Obviously wished I was still playing but I felt like this is fun. It’s a way to help and guide people.”


Lack underwent major surgery on his hips in late 2019. While he was recovering, he decided to start studying for his real estate licence.


“Then I had to wait to decide if I was actually going to retire,” he said.


He started as a realtor around Christmas 2019, but didn’t decide his playing career was fully over until a few months later.


Retirement was forced by injury but he’s at peace with his hockey career coming to an end.


“I think I’m always going to ask what if,” he admitted. “I’m seeing my friends that I played with growing up and they’re still playing and getting these great contracts. I’m always going to always ask — what if? —  but I’m super happy with where I’m at. I’m not waking up with pain. I’m not worrying about whether I’m playing at night.”


And he’s getting a special bonus: he’s always around for his daughter.


“My daughter Sophia is almost two now. I’m there every day,” he said. “It’s so important. Building that relationship with her from the start. That’s what a lot of hockey players complain about, that they’re gone so much, they miss a lot with their kids — their first steps and everything like that. I am fortunate for this.”




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