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Pre-Season [GDT/PGT] Canucks vs/@ Flames (Split Squad) / Sunday, Sept. 25/22 / 4:00 & 5:00 pm

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2 minutes ago, hockeyville88 said:

Happy hockey season, everyone! Hope everyone had a terrific summer.


I was lucky enough to be in Whistler for a training camp a few observations:
- Demko is an absolute beast. He is enormous and looked to be in mid season for him. He did seem to be stretching out his leg a lot though. Hope he is fully healthy


- Pods and Kuzmenko already have terrific chemistry 


- Dakota Joshua is a great addition 


- So much respect for Connor Garland. He is so small compared to his peers, but he makes something happen every time he’s on the ice and he’s furious with himself every time he doesn’t.


- Miller and Boeser looking good. Horvat was less noticeable 


- Hogs looking good


- Rathbone is going to make the team. He has developed well 


- OEL unnoticeable 


- Petey looks like he's gained weight in a good way. He is very vocal out there. I was score keeping one of the scrimmages, and he came over to the officials right in front of us and was giving them a piece of his mind for a missed call… In a scrimmage lol.


- DeKeyser could be good. exceptional work ethic from Jet Woo. Really hope he makes a move this year in his development.


- Great team culture. Miller was the guy who brought the bag over for players to put the pox into at the end of practice, and every player was helping to pick them up. Not just left for the rookies.


- Sedins have a very hands on role. They were on the ice and on the bench more than any of the coaches 


- My mom has a crush on Demko :lol:


The team is saying all the right things in terms of what their goals are for this year. Let’s hope they can be true to those words can be a successful team this year. Looking forward to enjoying another season with all of you fine people.



Thanks HV...that's a great recap and some good info there. That's awesome that you score kept a scrimmage...great stuff! Nice to see you back!

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