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What movie title sums up this canucks season?

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I'd actually say that the same thing applies to the majority of Canuck fans, Jekyll and Hyde   mixed with a lot of stupidity and lack of reality.. is this new though?  Nope... 

 I can only imagine if Frank sold the team and it moved Stateside, that would be funny! All the cry baby lil whiney bitches would have nothing to complain about.. 

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I remember the 1st show image.jpeg.d408c23d09e723672c6ab51f858fd742.jpeg     then  image.jpeg.31fa4c2f6a936c390dbb1d45747c76d9.jpeg

followed by a triple shot of  image.jpeg.e8cc07454400c182a50f46180f03ded4.jpegimage.jpeg.c2973c8e652348fd532ab9e3dbc80f16.jpegimage.jpeg.65c3366f5be5df43b0b2f0ed8f7c3c14.jpeg




Most recently playing   image.jpeg.c3898a4ca8911145d4a352c948effe0f.jpegimage.jpeg.30fafb0f63975128f1f9e6740e0391a5.jpeg




and excited for the hopefully soon to be released





Similar to Steve Martin it has been a Wild and Crazy year of good and bad entertainment from the team

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