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[Report] Panthers head coach Paul Maurice fined $25,000

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It's embarrassing how bad the officials are nowadays.  I don't recall a season in the past where the officials were constantly in the way of the play like they are now.  What a stupid system where a coach can be fined for answering a media question but if he refuses media questions he will be fined.  All hail Gary.

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1 hour ago, DeNiro said:

Coaches aren’t part of the NHLPA?


I guess their contracts have different rules.


Either way, punishing a coach like this for calling out the obvious incompetence of the officials is ridiculous. It’s why we never see any improvement.




Punish someone for truth let the incompetent ones slide, such a bizarre way of handling things.

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46 minutes ago, timberz21 said:

Bah, most overrated coach of all time IMO

I'd have to agree. Winnipeg is doing fantastic this year while Florida has taken a step back. But I have a source who says the refs are the issue, so what do I know. Black and white aren't black and white

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4 minutes ago, You Mad Bro? said:

Is there one person, fan or player or media member, just one, that takes the side of the NHL with stuff like this? Ridiculous 

If they would actually deal with atrocious officiating they might get the benefit of the doubt occasionally or in some cases. Since they refuse to do so they have made their bed and now they lie in it.

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