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PGT (Canucks VS Oilers) It's a win!


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Oilers need a coach like Quinn to come in and reteach these kids, they are almost busted now..

Eberle didnt look like the Eberle I saw 2 years ago

Hall same

RNH non existent...

that team is buckling and negativity is setting in 3-4 games into the season....they let it get to 10 they are done and those players are going to bust

I agree,, they need some tough love and teaching..Eakins is totally incapable as far as Im concerned...someone else said it..Im so glad we didnt hire him because he would probably still be here because he didnt pull a Torts.

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Ryan Miller was really solid...super happy about the goaltending.

Having said that...the Canucks have only played Calgary and Edmonton.

I am not trying to be Debbie Downer, I just really want to see how this team does against a team outside of Alberta.

Give Eddie the game, he needs to get his feet wet, better now than later.

Love the great start so far. Sedins/Vrbata look like money in the bank. I can't wait for the next game!

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Is there anyone that still would rather have Lu be still here instead of MIller Time?

a rhetorical question

Ya not like Luongo was any good here or anything

He had his moments. I was talking about today. He got a SO so maybe he's in for a good year. Good luck to him. But in the last few years here he was played out of a job twice by 2 separate rookies.

I prefer Miller's calm demeanor to Lu's panicked sprawls.

So is Lu going to be slagged every time Miller has a good game? Well, since you brought it up ... Lu did get a shutout too tonight.

And isn't it a wonder how Lu sucked his way into being the all-time winningest active goalie in the NHL today (now that Brodeur is not playing)? Must've been his panicked sprawl technique!

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1 or all of those heads should roll..I really cant stand Eakins,,he just seems like the biggest tool in the box.

Lowe hired McTavish--- that makes Lowe an incompentent hockey man. McTavish hired Eakins--- that makes McTavish an incompetent hockey man. And Eakins, well, how to say it politely?
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i slept through the game. Literally. Sleep schedule had me working throughout the night till the afternoon.

I'll download the game later tonight, but the stats show a much better defensive game by the Canucks. Is that accurate?

Absolutely. They gave edmonton nothing and you are talking about a team with 3 #1 overall picks in its line up-- huge offensive talent in Edmonton.
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Is that Mike goof from last week going to call in and cry Miller isn't worth what he's being paid, or is he going to admit he jumped the gun way too soon. I mean, if Miller isn't worth what he's being paid based on a single game, then what about Lundqvist. He should be in the AHL.

Are you talking about that pretentious douche that always calls in and lectures the hosts like he's doing them a favour?

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