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[PGT] Ducks @ Canucks

-Vintage Canuck-

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Canucks players of the game. Edler. Looked like the player we thought he would become when he played with Salo.

Kassian. Was throwing his wheight around and making sweet passes. Bo. Scored. Broke up a number of plays and had a great night in the faceoff dot. Did the kid do enough to stay on the roster? That was his 7th game and WD seemed to play the 4th line a lot tonight. If WD plays him those kind of minutes then keep him up. If he's going to be a 6 minute player, send him down. Definitely lend him to the WJC. I guarantee you they put the C on his chest.

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"The fans paid their tickets they can do whatever they want." - Kesler on the boos

Sure Kes.

It looked to me that he was affected by the booing. Lots of poor passes, missed shots, not that great on the dot and then the shootout.

Yep, they'll dow whatever the want for sure.

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I freaking hate shootouts. I really do. They are such a garbage way to end a game. Shootouts belong in a all star game.

I'm proud of the way the boys battled tonight. Especially coming off back to back games, and battling back from 2-0 down shows a lot of character. If we could've buried more of those chances, we probably would've on in regulation or OT.

Great games:

Horvat - Congrats! First NHL goal was a beauty.

Edler- Whale of a game tonight. 30+ mins, blocked shots, took shots etc.

Dorsett- Very impressed. He has a lot of energy.

Sedin/Vbrata- Beauty. That last minute chance in OT would've been sick if it went in :(

Tanev- Really smart defensively. Great on PK.

Lack had a good game. Not great but made some huge saves when it counted.

What the heck is with Bieksa? I've kept my mouth shut about him as much as I could, but no longer. He looks like he's battling an injury or something.

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That entire 2 minutes in our zone was because tanev decided not to shoot the puck and tried to handle it and then gave it away instead of getting the scoring chance..

Then edler gets blocked from the point AGAIN.. its just unbelievable how the D plays.

They were all bad in the O-zone tonight. Bobble or hold the puck forever, look, then have it blocked.

"Hamhuis probably is going to be out for a bit" - Desjardins

Might being seeing some Peter Andersson shortly.

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