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Expectations for Sbisa?

Sixteen W's

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Long-term? I'd be okay with him being a #4 guy. This year, I just like him to be more consistently good than last year. He's been alright so far minus his giveaway that lead to a goal tonight.

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Vans newest whipping boy.

He's In good company at least.

Newest? Where have you been for the last year? Sbisa has been the whipping boy since he arrived and people put unrealistic expectations on him because he came in the trade for Kesler.

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I've learned that any way you set expectations for Sbisa you are bound to be disappointed.

Therefore, I have come to the conclusion that I will always take each thing he does in the positive light!

If he throws a hit/scores a goal he's having a good game and will help the team win!

If he makes a bad pass or gets caught out of position he's having an excellent game will help the team win ... Chychrun!

Sbisa the Spontaneous is what I will call him from now on. A man of many faces, revered by none but aspired to be by all.

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