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[PGT] Caps 3, Nucks 2


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Even though we lost, it's nice to enjoy an entertaining performance from the team. Been boring the past couple years but it's refreshing with the likes of the youngsters on the team, losses are at least enjoyable to watch with the direction this team is heading.

And damn can't appreciate the Sedins enough. Beyond me how they are labelled soft when they play the most excruciating game in the league. Deep in the corners, take so much damage and so many hits and yet they are still so durable and and give us their Sedinary. Great game from them being paired with Vrby.

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I like WD as coach but he really does need to play the kids more, cause the vets sure aren't getting it done. The fans are here for change and to see youthful enthusiasm. Let the kids make mistakes and have the vets bail them out (if they can, but that's the way it should be).

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