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GDT: Canucks vs Oilers, April 6, 2016 4 PM PST


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Updated through April 5
2016 Lottery Standings - Based on Point Percentage

1 Edmonton Oilers 80 67 0.419 20%
2 Toronto Maple Leafs 79 67 0.424 13.50%
3 Columbus Blue Jackets 79 70 0.443 11.50%
4 Calgary Flames 80 72 0.456 9.50%
5 Vancouver Canucks 79 73 0.462 8.50%
6 Winnipeg Jets 80 74 0.463 7.50%
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5 minutes ago, DeNiro said:

Columbus plays Buffalo and Chicago to finish the season.


Canucks will definitely need to lose their next two to end up 28th.

torts still on nux payroll. Time for aquaman to make a phone call.

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Great game guys. Knew you would finally come to your senses. :) We know you guys can play. No matter now though. Finish the season on a loosing note. Get in line for a great pick. Start off next season with EVERYBODY on the same page. It's all good. Loose tonight and tomorrow night and we're in great shape.

Went to the LA game Monday night. Nice to see a win, buuuuuut, enough of that now. OK?



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