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Having watched the Sedins play over the last few years, I've noticed that Opposing Teams have taken the Strategy of IMPEDING and OBSTRUCTING the SEDIN TWINS. Alain Vigneault would Separate the Sedins and I believe that Henrik scored his Highest Goal total in a season, when Daniel was Injured. I would think that This Strategy employed by Opposing Teams would become much less useful if The Sedins were Split up. Now I would still Want them to be together on the POWER PLAY ! That is a must. I just Believe that Due to their slower Foot Speed, Especially once they've endured Contact either through a Stick Check or a Push or Mild Interference such as a clutch or grab, the Sedins are Neutralized in their Effectiveness to Wheel and Deal. Willie D should truly CONTEMPLATE this as it may be the KEY to the SEDINS regaining their PAST GLORY !

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38 minutes ago, Off_The_Schneid! said:

Thank you, the season has officially started we have the "split up the sedins thread"


Only took two games this year. Usually we're a few weeks at least into the season.


But thanks for coming out, OP. It's clear you aren't a regular user of CDC even though you joined a year and a half ago, since if you were you'd have seen at least one of the multiple threads posted about this thought in that time.


And no, if we're building a younger, faster roster throughout the rest of the team, we aren't going to split up the one line that is slower and older but plays the cycle game better than most players in the NHL. There will be situations where it'll make sense, but not a regular or permanent thing.

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2 minutes ago, Where'd Luongo? said:

I notice that all you ever do is bash people on here. That must be fun.

I'm not an elvis15 fan myself, but he rarely bashes people.     

An annoying mod want to be, yes

basher, not really.  

What did he say to bash the OP?  

He was right.  

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This $&!# comes up every 3 months


Just stop it.


"Split the Sedins" "Should the Sedins be on Different Lines?" "Willie D Needs to try the Sedins on different lines" No. No He friggin' doesnt. You aren't an NHL Coach, You smoked some Good herb and thought you had a creative idea.










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