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Boeser New Contract will be...


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if you want to take a serious look at brock's contract

look at percentage of cap

he should get in the range of 10% of cap

if he maintains his pace since he started in the nhl

of 40 goals per season


he is still an rfa, so there is some discounting for that

but 8 years will buy free agent years

and the cap will go up about 2.5 million per year, or 20 million over the 8 year terms

10% of cap now is about 8 million, 10% of cap in last of his 8 year contract will be around 10 million

so his contract will need to be over 8 million aav and likely closer to 9 million


so your "works well" is about 10 million light


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The problem there is he will be paid far too much above Bob Hovart at 5.5Million per season. I really believe 7.5Million is more realistic and if he is a team guy he will want to leave money on table to build a Stanley Cup team.

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