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[Question] Would you take on Bobby Ryan's contract in order to get Chabot?

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Ottawa is rebuilding and likely would not be willing to part with Chabot under almost any circumstances, I do understand that.  He's a key piece they are building around.  So granted this is very unlikely.  However there is one massive insane wildcard: Eugene Melnyk.  He's unpredictable, and it was clear they tried to part with Ryan as part of the Karlsson deal.  So it might be worth the Canucks reaching out to see just how badly they want to shed that contract.  This deal would save Melnyk $29 million dollars of his personal money, so I can't fully blame him even if it's bad for the on-ice product!


Assuming Ottawa would say yes (which they shouldn't...but might), would you be willing to take on Bobby Ryan's contract in order to acquire top young defenseman Thomas Chabot?  Ryan would also have to waive his NMC, but he might just to get out of Ottawa.


Keep in mind Bobby Ryan has four more years (including this season) on his deal at $7.25 million, and that would also complicated when starting to re-sign players.  But we could also maybe deal him when he only has a year left.  If we get Chabot, I don't see Ottawa also keeping part of his cap hit nor us dumping a guy like Eriksson.  I could only see them pulling the trigger if they fully walk away from Ryan's bad contract.


As for players we include, they may be interested in the expiring deals of Ben Hutton and Michael Del Zotto.  Maybe they'd take Gagner? Or likely they'd want at least one young player in return so it doesn't look as much like a cap dump.  A guy like Goldobin?  Or do you think they'd need a good young player also going back their way to agree?


Acquiring an elite young defenseman without trading an elite young player or top draft pick is nearly impossible except for a unique situation like this.  And Chabot would absolutely be a massive part of a young core going forward.  Personally I'd even be willing to add non-elite young talent to the deal to make it happen.  


So two questions:

1 - Would you be willing to take on Ryan's contract in exchange for Chabot?  Do you think the Aquilini's would?

2 - Say Ottawa is open to the concept, what players do you think we'd have to include? 


My answers:

1 - Absolutely, Chabot is a game changing defenseman and if Melnyk is desperate enough to do this, then we should jump on it.

2 - I think for PR purposes the Sens couldn't accept a deal unless it looked at least slightly like they're getting young value in return.  So maybe they'd accept a deal like Ryan and Chabot for Hutton (expiring but RFA and young), Goldobin (also young RFA), 2nd round pick and maybe we can add in Gagner too.  I could see them holding out for Virtanen over Goldobin, which personally I'd still be willing to do.



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No absolutely not.


Ryan's contract is an albatross. It's worse than the Eriksson deal. At least Eriksson can defend... not really sure what Ryan can do anymore. I'd rather go Big Game Fishing on a UFA like Karlsson or Myers rather than eat up cap space on Ryan.


I do think there's a smaller deal that could work between Ottawa and Vancouver regarding Sam Gagner. Ottawa needs vets, Sam's on a reasonable-ish cap hit, and Sam wants back in the NHL. Ottawa also needs to get to the cap floor. I could see a deal there.


Cabot's a pipedream, though. Just don't see him being moved.

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Just now, Canckelhead said:

The way Jim hands out contracts, there will be cap problems soon enough.

Are you saying the Horvat contract was terrible? Because that's Jim Benning's most recent contract.


You're probably the dimfolk that keep calling him dim jim. You guys never see facts and always repeat the same rhetoric.


Sure he has handed some questionable contracts, but I believe Benning's not going to be one of the GMs you will hear first when you hear about albatross contracts around the league.


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So how much of our cap, within 3 years, do you think we would have to pay for Pettersson, Hughes, Boeser, Horvat, Demko, Juolevi, Ryan and Chabot...........guess everyone else on the team would have to make <$1M.


Chabot is a 21 year old D-man scoring at a rate of better than 1 point per game and could possibly be the leading Norris contender within a year or two.........his contract will be huge and rightfully so.

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47 minutes ago, Silky mitts said:

There is no way in hell sens move chabot, and you can bet they ask for EP if we kick tires 

That's thinking of it as a hockey value trade.  Clearly talent wise they'd want EP.  This is trying to convince an owner to essentially sell Chabot to us for $29 million plus some young assets.

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3 minutes ago, Hairy Kneel said:

No. Why invite cap hell and a overpayment by us. We can add Woo or Hughes soon enough for our young team.

because Chabot is turning out to be something special. Woo might, we'll see, but you don't get many chances to stack the deck defensively. 


Ryan can be bought out (its better than Loui's), sent to the Marlies, who cares, it won't matter. 

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