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[Report] Joe Thornton suspended 1 game

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43 minutes ago, Borvat said:

Apparently because of his age he received the seniors discount.  It would have been 3 for any Canuck patron.  



And 10 games for Kadri.

This is why I don't like the repeat offender critiera. It shouldn't exist. If you want to crack down on repeat offenders, then fine them double the games they get suspended. 10 game suspension = 20 games without pay. 

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13 hours ago, rekker said:

In shocked that DOPS had the balls to give home one game actually. They really need to stop this accidentally on purpose crap. This one was a little more obvious than others I've seen this year.  

The DOPS has balls?

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4 hours ago, PhillipBlunt said:

Why does the DOPS even exist? They are a joke and everyone knows it. However, if the DOPS is a joke, then so is the NHLPA for not demanding that the DOPS do their job with a modicum of consistency.

The NHL is in charge of the DOPS, not the NHLPA (from what I can gather). It's pretty obvious when you look at the rulings that that is the case.

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