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[Waivers] September 30th - 39 players (Baertschi, Goldobin, Biega)

Ossi Vaananen

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29 minutes ago, 189lb enforcers? said:

If both Hutton and Goldy are off the opening roster then there isn’t a single thing I didn’t get from my fan-wish list this season. 


They signed and traded there way into the kind of players and hockey I like to watch and support. 


1 more hour of shame left in my fan-life then it’s smooth sailing from here. 

Thanks JB! 

1 Hour? Try like a year+.


The Canucks just don't have enough to pass San Jose, Vegas, Calgary, Dallas, Arizona, Colorado, Winnipeg, St Louis, Nashville and are in competition with Anaheim, LA and Edmonton within the division for fourth place.


The cap and lousy player assessment over the last 6 years will come back to haunt them. Still no depth from Utica, no defensive depth and not enough forward depth especially top 6. No cap room to trade for a player and no players other teams want so they will have to trade away top draft picks AGAIN unless they move Pettersson, Boeser, Horvat, Virtanen, Hughes or Gaudette. The cap situation makes any deals salary for salary.


Hearing Sven is the first to possibly being waived.

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If Baertschi is indeed waived count me amongst the disappointed and shocked but I always knew he was not going to be apart of the core going forward. We all knew he was a placeholder until better talent came along and add his injury history into the fold giving him another lucrative contract would not make sense. Having said that, there are other short term players I'd waive before him. No need to mention them because we all Know who they are.

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11 minutes ago, Hutton Wink said:

Canucks do not really need the cap space, so I'm thinking it can be only one thing...


Concussions, and his long-term career prospects are precarious at best.

I'm thinking this would have everything to do with his health.

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Just now, gerry35 said:

If there were actual adults here instead of the fake outrage mob then there could be some adult conversation @Hutton Wink is a pretty level headed dude.

This is in no way the end of the world, especially 'cause there's probably a strong chance Bae doesn't even get picked off waivers, but fans have a right to be upset with the decision because Baertschi is clearly better than at least a few of the guys that were kept on the main roster ahead of him.


A rebuilding team that hasn't sniffed the playoffs in years having a cap casualty is laughable at best.

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Baertschi didn't look very good in preseason.  Looked very hesitant.


Not that I love waiving him, but bonus is his contract and injury history might scare people from claiming him.  Send him down to Utica to get into game shape and find his confidence to engage physically and bring him up when ready.  If he does get claimed, salary issue solved.


Not crazy that he was waived over Eriksson but :emot-parrot:

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6 minutes ago, stawns said:

You have to admit, that's a pretty sketchy move

I guess it depends on how a team clears cap space. Theres 1 st rounder to clear Mareau type option. If Jim really needed to move Sven's salary waivers isn't a bad way to do it, in comparison. 


I am very suspicious of todays rumours tho. 


And so now you can see why I'm not a GM :lol:

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