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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Philadelphia Flyers | Nov. 25, 2019

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-Vintage Canuck-

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No excuse for this gutless, pathetic performance. 17 shots. What, a whole 7 or 8 shots in the last 40 minutes??????????


Dump the puck in, forwards are nowhere to be found. The Flyers would have 4 players in their own zone, to the Canucks 1, and get out of their zone under zero &^@#ing pressure. It's so dumb. It's so unacceptable. We literally let them do whatever we want the entire game. Does our coaching staff know what the hell PRESSURE is? Because apparently not. We seem to welcome giving teams as much time and space as they want, especially in the defensive zone there. Can't get in the way of their skilled players, might upset them!!



Complete garbage.

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3 minutes ago, CRAZY_4_NAZZY said:

Demko the lone man that showed up for tonights game.


If I'm the Canucks I'm taking a serious look internally and asking where their heart was tonight.  Looked like they scored the first goal and felt they could coast for the rest of the game.  Not at all impressed by the top down from the lineup, everyone looked lazy and frankly uninspired.  


They should be embarrassed of themselves what a sloppy ass effort.

Miller showed up too. 

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1 minute ago, luckylager said:

Just home from work and it seems like I will not be encouraged to watch the game now.


Was the effort that bad?

The first was decent, rest of the game was brutal. They maybe had 3 scoring chances after the first and that's being generous

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