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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Florida Panthers | Jan. 09, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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49 shots allowed after getting walloped.for 9 goals.  This team sucks at defense.  A big trade or a coaching sacrifice has to  be close.  The 7 game winning g streak was an anomaly and.as.much about good luck as good play on many nights. 

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There's no panic in the team. They are still satisfied going 7-2 in the last 9. 


That said, if Green cant get them into a wild card spot this season, I think its time for a change. Clean house and all that, except for Ian Clark. Give that guy a raise.

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Disappointing effort by the team after that 9-2 loss. 

Players are playing too loose with no defensive coverage. We have a big problem if the best two lines tonight were our 3rd and 4th lines. 


Not too psyched about keyboard warriors coming alive again with some ridiculous claim that coach takes full blame for these two games... uhhhh 

Only if our players were as tenacious as them tonight... 

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