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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Winnipeg Jets | Jan. 14, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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2 minutes ago, Grape said:

Yeah, he looks fast and impactful too. Not just empty points he's getting.

Wasn’t Pearson’s  last empty net goal he had in November?


34 points in 46 games. Definitely 4th line. What was I saying? Crazy. Needs 50 points to even be even a 3rd liner. 

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Im not even mad. Yes I yelled and swore when we were scored on... but Im not even mad.... Boys gave a solid effort, dominated the entire third, idk how many dingers we had tonight, but damn there were a lot of posts and crossbars. The SOG were probably 10 more than were actually accounted for. 
However.... the best PK is the Canucks PP... YET WE ARE STILL SOMEHOW 5TH OVERALL ON PP%.

First unit needs less talent and more grit and grease. Second unit is prime example, more chances and typically scores in their few chances/limited time.

Anyhoo, Beer o’clock is still goin. Cheers for a great effort in a 4-0 L


edit: meant to put canucks PP Not PK

Edited by knucklehead91
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7 minutes ago, J-23 said:

How was Connor not the second star lol. Canuck bias by Garrett :lol:

Garrett’s suggestion to pull Marky when down 4-0 with 11 seconds to play, just with the hopes of breaking the shutout bid....oh gotta love it. The guy is a Canucks’ loyalist through and through! :towel:

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10 minutes ago, HorvatToBaertschi said:

Myers is by far our weakest link. Guy thinks he's Bobby Orr but throws more pizzas and hospital passes than I've ever seen. Useless shots from below the goalline, literally impossible to win puck battles. I'm fed up and ashamed he's our highest paid player.



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We played well and should have won this. I don't care what the score was.

Bo, Petey, Miller, Myers, Motte, Pearson, Hughes, Fantenberg, Celly all with good games and the others played well enough.


They should walk out of the house of horrors feeling decent about it, move on and ready to go against the dogs.


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