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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins | Feb. 04, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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9 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

I think it worrisome how many games have been won with goaltending.  

Boston doesn’t have the record they have without Rask or Halak. It’s not like they’re getting by with scrub goalies.


I get what you’re saying, but goaltending isn’t the whole story with our team. Pretty sure we’re second in the West in scoring. 

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1 minute ago, 1-d said:

Losing to a contender is no shame. 


Going belly-up, getting pushed around with no pushback and hanging your goalie out to dry while losing is.  

Every team has games like this over the course of the season.


Important to look at the bigger picture and not get stuck in a vaccuum.

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20 minutes ago, cuporbust said:

Horrible. Not one single Canuck with even close to an acceptable performance (aside from Jacob).  Worst game of the year if Markstrom is not in net. Absolute embarrassment. Starting to think we would be lucky to be at .500 without the goaltending we have been getting . 

image.png.d083536e530fb34e6d330261a127a9d2.pngRidiculously awful gap management, and running circles in their own end image.png.d083536e530fb34e6d330261a127a9d2.png



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It happens, move on. And I’m a glass half full kind of guy: Leaf hater watch - Boston and Tampa pull further away, Montreal wins and gets 2 points closer, Isles win, and Columbus and Florida have a 3 point game. And Vegas lost. And the sun comes up tomorrow. 

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Just now, billabong said:

not gonna win them all!


at least the 2 points stayed out of the west


win against minny and finish road trip 3-1-1 :towel:



Bigger picture.


If anyone said we could be 3-1-1 after this trip you would take that and run.

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Not playing the Bruins in the playoffs. Let the Pens, Caps, and Bolts worry about them.


Only team in the West that play like the Bruins are the Blues. (And the Knights to a lesser extent).


We need to be able to beat teams like Edmonton, Calgary, and Arizona. If it comes to a point where we’re playing the Blues or even the Bruins in the playoffs I would say things went waay better than expected. ::D

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