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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Boston Bruins | Feb. 04, 2020

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Just now, SergioMomesso said:

The refs did them a favour. They did not want to embarrass the Nucks anymore as they were out chanced by the P.K. all night king. Lol

No kidding, they sure looked tired, still though there was some brutal non call

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Well I just got home from work and was going to watch the replay, but I cheated and checked the score....


&^@# that, &^@# this, &^@# Boston, I'm not not gonna watch that &^@#ing $&!#.


The post game summaries have convinced me to save my rage for another night.

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11 minutes ago, Rounoush said:

I figured: "Gee, we can sure get up for a game against one of the best teams in the league, right?"



We were 3-0 in our previous 3 meetings and out scored the Bruins 16-7.


Just goes to show either team can beat each other. Let’s not pretend tonight was even close to this teams best.

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Shots, shots, shots, and shots.

Total shots:you can't win a game with 20 shots against a high scoring team like Boston. 42 shots to 20 shots

Power play shots: too much passing and being tentative. Just shoot on net get rebounds



- Canucks started with short passes, but once they got down by two goals they started pushing it with long passes that were missed or lost

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