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[Report] Canucks to part ways with Judd Bracket

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Interesting to see the other topics from beginning.


Folks kept saying there is nothing to the rumours of an issue and it would work out. 
Then they gradually moved their goalposts to “well maybe he won’t sign but that doesn’t mean there were any issues”.


Too many similar reports from too many different sources.  It was pretty obvious to most folks for months.  It is fine that they couldn’t come to an agreement, that happens.  Benning publicly said way back when Gear was promoted that he did it so he and Weisbrod could be more involved in day to day scouting, and Brackett pretty clearly didn’t want to stay with a reduced role.

At the same time it is totally reasonable to be upset that the one department that is excelling in the organization is changing directions and losing a very talented lead.  Benning has better nail the next couple of drafts or this becomes a bigger story as he has made his bed here.  The statement even makes it clear that it was the team’s decision to go in another direction... not that Brackett just chose to leave to pursue other opportunities.


If you hear before next season that Weisbrod is taking this department over, then we know we are in trouble...



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