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Wolf: Wanderer above the Sea of Fog (Game On!)

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2 minutes ago, Master Radishes said:

At 8:30pm? No.

Old people...


Firstly, add warrior KazLovesCanucks to CDC Mafia Discord. He's been kissing my feet and asking for an invite but I can't so anything about.


Secondly, I know you always defend Toews. So what are your thoughts now 

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56 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

OP says the Mafia don't need to submit a kill, so Bob assumes it would not be randomized.


That being said, if there's a town-aligned roleblocker out there, they should probably share who they blocked last night. Bob finds it hard to believe that out of roughly 3 (?) scum left, not one of them would submit a kill. Unless we're ****ing nailing it so far and there's only like one inactive scum left, but Bob wouldn't count on that.


49 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

Bob is probably also inviting scum to fake claim roleblocker here and we'll have no way of verifying the claim, so maybe this isn't a great idea. Nvm.


43 minutes ago, Intoewsables said:

Right, forgot about the Angel. Ignore Bob and don't claim kthx.

This feels natural enough. A wolf is usually more hesitant to fish for roles to out themselves. It's not clearing but it's a good look to propsoe something, reconsider, and back off without any pressure to do so.

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43 minutes ago, Kurisu said:

I am the Swordmaster. All night kills attempted on me will be redirected on to a target of my choosing.


This is why Otis was night killed.


I'm sure you can figure out why I kept my claim ambiguous now.

That's kinda cool. I never heard about this kind of power/role before. Why didn’t you choose someone last night? 

The good thing is that it at least benefits town with a second TK essentially. If you redirect any attacks to those that we may suspect as being part of the maf team, then we could get through the inactives much quicker, or those who are higher or the suspected scale. Forces slankers to actually play, read, defend, etc. 

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Trying to figure out how the kills or lack thereof could indicate how the game is unfolding currently. My only guess right now why we had 3 kills on first NF is that there was the TK, the SK, and the MK. 

Going forward I think the MK has not been produced because it was spent on K, which he redirected. Also, I think we either got the SK type role last night or the NF before. Hopefully this can give town some insight as to the way people are playing their roles. K, played his perfectly. The scum team seem either disheartened or inexperienced possibly. I think the town is targeting well. 



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I targeted FM last night, but clearly the Maf didn't attempt anything on me. I held out on the claim an extra round in case they didn't learn their lesson after Otis death, no dice unfortunately. I only ever intended to use my power on slankers that would never clear themselves.


For tonights vote I'm thinking Qwags after his posts last night

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