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Yes, I know it's the Florida Panthers.....

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But right now they have the second best record in the NHL. 

30 games, 20 wins, 6 losses and 4 overtime losses. 


Is this just a division thing with everyone feasting on Detroit? The magic of Joel Quenneville? The Barkov effect? A great goaltending tandem? 

Ekblad doing Ekblad things? 


Thoughts? Or just a covid mirage? 

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I am cheering for the Panthers as my second team, I really like what's going on for them this season.


I think they're for real, they have the pieces in place to be a great team but they underachieved the past couple of years, I think this is a breakthrough season and the fact that they are beating and going toe-to-toe with the likes of Tampa and Carolina and they are beating the teams they should beat at the bottom half of their division.


Maybe they are just overperforming and I will be wrong when next season they are 10th in the East again but I think they are legit.

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I always thought their team was underperforming. I am hoping they are finally putting it together. I don’t see them being second best in a normal season, but maybe top 5 in the east potentially. I have always liked Florida.

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They've got the pieces to be better than they've been the last few seasons, but even so, they've done better than I thought they would. Particularly having lost Hoffman and Dadonov. Playing Detroit has probably helped, but it's not as if they don't have talented players and a coach with a long history of success. 


It'll be interesting to see whether they can sustain it, or carry it over to next season. 

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9 hours ago, gizmo2337 said:

Quenneville has them playing to their potential. He's one heck of a coach! No idea why Chicago let the guy go.

I think it’s Quenneville combined with the  Covid shortened season. He has them believing that anything can happen in a season like this and it’s working well so far.

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