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A New Era has begun in Canuck Nation. What do you expect and hope for?

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On ice: I want the players on team to play for both the sweater and their teammates. Do the things it takes to win, even if a little outside their comfort zone. Grow as a team, win as a team. Protect and look out for each other. 


Right now it’s a group of skilled individuals. Who mostly look out for #1. Hopefully a new coaching staff can fix the on ice product and get some gel working.


As for management, same as every team; no drama, good drafting, good contracts, good ‘gap’ between coaching and management. Hopefully ‘great’ in at least one of those categories but at this point I’d be satisfied with “good” as an average. 

All in all, there’s some serious optimism today.

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6 minutes ago, PositionOfPower said:

First I want a jersey change perhaps back to black, to give us a more intimating look and change our culture. Enough of the weak blue.

Blue (ocean) Green (rain forest) and white (snow covered mountains) represent the colours of our city’s landscape.  

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45 minutes ago, FaninMex said:

A number of the new troll posters to whither away and return to wherever they came from. That would be really nice. Plus, not having 15 new threads every few days about the coach or or or would be really nice too.

Yup.  Canuck hating trolls (especially the Toronto based ones) local teams stink as bad as their cities do.  

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10 minutes ago, 48MPHSlapShot said:

I'd like to say to a place where Aqua's sticky fingers can't reach, but alas, that place doesn't exist.

Some troll started saying that a while ago and now everyone says it like it is fact. Prove it. Second if it is his team he can do whatever he wishes. 

When Apple and Playstation say that you buy their product but they still own it, do you agree with that or is the product yours to do as you wish?

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