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[GDT] November 1, 2022 New Jersey Devils(6-3-0) @ Vancouver Canucks(2-5-2) 7:00pm PT Rogers Arena SN360 SNP SN650AM

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7 minutes ago, BC_Hawk said:

Fair enough. Probably worth a try on the go fwd. My only issue is would Myers and Hughes mesh? My initial guess would be no.

Yeah, I'd avoid that and go with:

Hughes-Schenn - proven to work

OEL-Bear - more offensive pairing but won't hurt us defensively

Stillman-Myers - lots of size and gives Myers a steady partner to cover for the occasional brain fart.




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59 minutes ago, Ghostsof1915 said:

I didn't like the off white pants with the purple. Might have been ok in the Early 1900's. But it just doesn't work. I don't mind the jersey's though.


should've gone with white cooperalls instead of the baggy pants

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5 minutes ago, Muttley said:

Must be frustrating having to face the hungry media on the roster when your still waiting yourself.

Bruce always does his best though.

My favourite is after the games. “Do you have an update on so and so” 


The game just ended how the hell would he know that 

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