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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche | Nov. 23, 2022

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We did a bit better than the Vegas game in limited scoring chances against and generating more scoring chances for. More work needs to be done though. 




In all situations


Scoring Chances(All situations) - Canucks 19 / Avs 29


High Danger Scoring Chances(All situations) - Canucks 10 / Avs 10 (Good improvement)


High Danger shots(All situations) - Canucks 9(scored on 3) / Avs 8(scored on 2)



Overall better but could be better.

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4 minutes ago, Alienhuggyflow said:

This team deserves a much better record, goaltending has been the main reason we've blown multiple goal leads 7 times. The team aside from 4 games has put themselves in a position where teams win over 97% of the time, I can't imagine how gutting that must feel. This was done when the team was missing several key players only to watch it evaporate. People can deflect away from Demko but the analytics for me match the eye test. In the 2010s we won 182 straight games while leading after 2. If we're being honest Demko has been brutal going back to the last 10 games from last year and it's baffling.


That Vegas game gutted me, up 4-2 and Demko straight up choked and until this year I have never seen him visibly look rattled or show frustration. For whatever reason he's lost it between the ears and the type of goals he's allowing like the ones where he's not even able to cover up the puck, it's like I said baffling. And as far as high danger chances, he's at the bottom of the league. I think he's too good to think this will last but right now he's cost us 6 wins and our sh*t management blames Bruce (obvious agenda at this point) or the D gets blamed but when a goalie looks behind even on the simplest of saves that's not a good sign, he's got the yips. Ride Spence and let Demko figure out the mental aspect with Ian because right now he's not playing at an NHL level save one game against the kings.


If we had league average goaltending we have at least 12 wins and the focus is on how good guys like Quinn, Petey, Kuzmenko Horvat, Schenn JT etc have been.


Doom and gloom aside great win and only  5 points out of the playoffs with the easiest part of our schedule travel wise coming up.

Play Martin 5 - 1 - 1

Sit Demko 2 - 9 - 2

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Character win and it came from players most of the supporting cast today. Hughes had a terrible game and we still won so that’s a good thing, something was way off today.
Sucks for Garland as he needed one and the call could have gone either way to be honest.

Myers is laughable at this point in his tenure and I don’t see how he doesn’t sit or get shipped out with some retention, awful at Hockey. 

Boeser on the quietest 8 game point streak I’ve ever heard of, but good for him. 

Horvat just rolling even in games he was noticeable, scary next contract for anyone who signs him for big money. 
You need to roll with Martin and get Demko with Clark ASAP.


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13 minutes ago, Devron said:

Yeah we aren’t out of this at all. Actually what’s are record over the last 10 plus games? The consecutive losses at the start of the season is the reason our record is so bad 

It sucks because the area that we weren't supposed to worry about has been the reason for the bad record. Our forwards and defense have not been the issue. Quinn and Schenn have the 4th best metrics in the league and 4 guys on pace for 40 goals. We get bubble Demko or Spence of last year and were gonna win a lot more than we lose. 

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2 minutes ago, EddieVedder said:

Called it.  Avs too banged up. Dries had a few good shifts but still isnt an nhler.  We need a perm fix on that 3c.  

Too banged up? Lol.


They don’t need excuses. We beat them at their best. 

Does that mean we’re a better team? No, but we were tonight!

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