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[PGT] Vancouver Canucks at Colorado Avalanche | Nov. 23, 2022

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-Vintage Canuck-

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Bruce played our D perfectly tonight minutes-wise.


Hughes with 25 is a bit much though. OEL with only 17, he could have taken 3 of Hughes' minutes but granted a lot of that was lazy PP time.


Schenn and Bear with 20 minutes, they officially round off our top 4 nicely now.


Myers and Burroughs with 15 minutes and a very telling bottom pairing. 


Not bad when Myers is your worst defenceman, I wouldn't be opposed to a Rathbone - Burroughs bottom pairing but you know management wouldn't allow that. The lower Myers' minutes get, the more you know BB is losing faith in him

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2 minutes ago, DefCon1 said:

Canucks have lost many games this season, blown leads yet we are close to Flames and Canucks and have same number of losses as Oilers lol

Yeah we aren’t out of this at all. Actually what’s are record over the last 10 plus games? The consecutive losses at the start of the season is the reason our record is so bad 

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8 minutes ago, Cluminati* said:

Hah, so true! 


They joke but there’s actually truth there.


The key is just to not get a multi goal lead. Maybe even be down by one going into the third? Makes it so they don’t overthink things?



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11 minutes ago, fanfor42 said:

Martin can close out games - Demko this year cannot.


Martin 5 - 1- 1

Demko 2 - 9 - 2


Play Martin sit Demko.





100%, I think after the LA win Bruce gave Demko a chance against Vegas and he blew it. Sure, that was a good team, but he messed up his chance, Martin comes back in and he holds on to a 3rd period lead.


Right now it's simple for us - win and you're in. Demko will get his chances on back to backs which will be harder, against easier opposition maybe but with a tired group. If he wins, I think Bruce will give him a chance the next game depending on how he plays.


Right now this is Martin's net to lose.


Before the season started I said many times that we might have a tandem but was hoping because both guys were so good, not because Martin was the least-worst of the two.

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